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My name is actually spelt "Leksén". This name comes from the Swedish town Leksand in Dalarna (Dalecarlia, Sweden). Towards the end of the 19th centuary people started changing their common Swedish names such as Andersson (sun of Anders'), Persson etc, often by adding a so-called prestige grapheme to the root taken from a place name. This is just the case with the name Leksen which is rather a rare Swedish surname.

Born in 1943.

Cohabitee with a woman. No children.

Residing at Kungsholmen (King's islet) - Stockholm's Manhattan.

Language editor and consultant, retired document translator of Polish documents for Swedish government institutions and lawfirms.

Earlier occupations: bus-driver, taxi-driver.

Education: fil.mag. (corresponding M.A.), former secondary school teacher of Russian, linguistics, mathematics and computering (at the University of Heidelberg, Germany).

Languages: Polish, Russian, German, English, Swedish some Finnish and French.

Hobbies: Contest-dancing (10-dancing), i.e. Quick-step, Slow Waltz, European Tango, Slowfox, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble.

Piano playing, advanced knot thing, shorthand /Swedish Malin system).

Dog training and dog show handling

Radio amateur (ham) with the CALL SM0AMN. QTH=Stockholm. Some 25 years ago active on the air in Poland under the guest call SM0AMN/SP9 (QTH=Katowice).

More people get skilled through practising than from hereditary dispositions. Demokritos (465-380).

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